!!!!!!!!!!Bacteria vaginosis pls help!!!!!!!

I have been getting bv for awhile now.  I know to change my diet up and etc, which I have. This was before pregnancy I would eat mostly greens and meat would be twice a week. I excerise often because I did sports every season. As an adult I work out 3xs a week and picked up more on meat but like 4xs a week. Now that I'm pregnant I really keep on a healthy 'diet' I makes sure my food intake isn't a ridiculous amount of sugar and what not. Drink way more water. So far I only have bv once during my pregnancy. I'm sure it's back again, due to history. 
No I haven't had many partners. It just annoys me that there's no way to know how to not have this annoyance Come back. Is there anyone else constantly suffering from bv or know true ways how to keep it away?!?!?!!!
-worried 7 month prego lady