Vent, not pregnancy related


So I work as an organist at a nearby church. Not a member of the church or denomination, but I enjoy it there and like the people.

Had choir practice as usual on Wednesday night, and found out the music director and his wife have been told that essentially their 2 kids are a burden on the church and that the childcare committee won't offer them use of the nursery. (He's the music director, she sings in the choir).

So I checked with him and he ok'd me making an online sign up sheet where people could volunteer to watch the kids Wednesdays that they were available.

Then someone told me I had stepped on some toes, possibly started a turf war. They've brought the pastor in on it and are having a "special meeting" on Sunday. -_-

I apologized to the music director, and he never responded.

I feel so horrible. I was just trying to help, and now apparently I've started a political firestorm. In a freakin church!!

Ughhh. I'm embarrassed.