boba wrap?

Jennifer • due date was feb. 22nd 2016. arrived on her own feb.19th 2016

sorry I had to repost this before it got to many votes, I forgot to add a results option.

anyway if you didn't see this before.

I got one at my shower, tried it out the other day and it took forever! I followed the directions and I'm not sure if it's tight enough, is it suppose to feel like that because of the material? or maybe it's because I still got a basketball belly.

main question is, did anyone who used it have any problems?

was it secure enough for baby?

did you hate it?

was it even worth it? did you use it often?

if I keep it, any tips on getting it on eaiser? I'm 5'1 so it's all over the ground while trying to get it on. I have a gift receipt and tags still attached so returning isn't an issue.

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