LEEP, waiting for AF...

I need help. I had a LEEP procedure on 1/12. I was also ovulating (Doctor confirmed) that day. DH and I had unprotected sex on 1/10. My period was due to start 1/26.
I started bleeding heavily on 1/17, and that continued until 1/25, lightened up to just spotting until 1/27. I had my follow up appointment on 1/26, and had a small superficial area that was not healing that my doctor put a blood stopper on, and by 1/27 stopped bleeding completely. It is now 1/30 and I have no sign of AF, other than breast soreness. 
Is it possible that my husband and I could have conceived still, even with the aggressive procedure and heavy bleeding? I tested on 1/27 and got a BFN. Should I test again in the morning?