Petty Crocker

Kala • 19 || shy, bi, and ready to cry. || I read tarot cards and collect crystals 🌿
So my boyfriend received this from a table of girls with his tip at work the other day, and I was PISSED. I have no idea why I was so angry it just flared and it took every ounce of self respect and restraint not to text the bitch who gave my man her number all of the cute couple-y photos we've taken together because I'm petty AF and then to top it all of one of his super cute female coworkers SNAPCHATTED ME OFF OF HIS SNAPCHAT A CUTE LITTLE SELFIE SAYING TO ADD HER LIKE BITCH I WILL FIGHT YOU. I snapped. I tried to add her and he had to tell me she was harmless be calm me down. he's super sweet and loyal and absolutely oblivious to flirtations from anyone but me but he doesn't understand it's not him I don't trust, it's sneaky bitches. Would this upset anyone else? Or am I just being crazy possessive?