Would you be pissed!? LONG

So to give some backstory I left my husband due to the sheer amount of abuse I finally had the courage to say enough!.
We cut contact and he never ONCE asked to see his daughter or even ask how she was in almost a month!  
So his mother has been visiting me almost everyday not mentioned anything about where he is or anything as I had no idea where his been staying tomorrow my mil told me to take my daughter over in the morning so I could grab something from the store, I told her I can take my daughter with me and I'll be fine but she insisted I bring my daughter to hers to make my life easier.. Well my sister in law spilt the beans here and told me the plan..
The plan was to get me to drop my daughter off while my EX husband hides and when I left he could see his daughter and then hide again when I pick her up.
My mil never ever mentioned the fact this prick would be there or that she had even contacted him! HIS BEEN LIVING WITH HER .
My main thing that I'm pissed off about is they tried to trick me! 
I called my mil and told her "since his living with you I don't feel comfortable leaving my daughter at your house and I thank you for your 'nice gesture' to babysit I rather take her with me"
My mil called me and said "so now your holding him from seeing his daughter?" 
I said no I'm not . When he shows a fucking effort to care about his daughter he can come to my house and see her under my supervision instead the two of you going behind my back!
Sorry it's so long I'm just so fucking angry my mil has been acting like she's never seen or heard from him when the whole time he was living with her
I just don't appreciate it at all! She has no idea what I've been through !
he was physically abusive to the point a restraining order was put in place! His gone crazy that for the first time I refuse to take him back and this man is capable of anything! God forbid he harm my daughter to get back at me I've made it dam clear to take me to court and we will arrange supervised visits HIS MOTHER is not someone i would want supervising ! 
Thank you poster for your hurtful comments that put me into complete tears