relationship or sex?

I'm 21 and I've been with my BF for over a year now. He's great to me and very sweet, very generous. He was my first "real" romantic partner and I gave my virginity to him. We're both in college, but he also works and it's long distance. I care about him, but I feel I want more passion or a deeper connection. I've asked and he's very happy in our relationship but just wishes we could be closer. I've expressed to him that I need more and he does everything he can to make sure I feel as connected to him as much as I can. He's says he's in love with me and is prepared to move closer to me when we're both done with school. It's a possibility but I don't want him to give up so much when I'm not sure it's what I truly want. I have love for him and I believe there could be a future there, but I also crave knowing what other men and women are like. I want morepassion and lust. I like flirting and touching and being touched. I want to travel with or without him and be successful with or without him. I've never cheated and I never plan to, but are my fantasies a sign that I'm not committed enough and that maybe FWB, or hookups or even an open relationship would be better? Or am I thinking this way because of the greater of lack of depth that goes along with an LDR?  Anyone else have this issue? Or can I get some advice?? 😊😊😊