Who's wrong here?

I'm 35 and I met this guy when online dating. He wanted to meet right away but I was wary, so we agreed on exchanging messages first. After a few weeks he asked again to meet up for drinks. He was kind, we have common interests and there were no red flags, so I said yes. We exchanged phone numbers. He asked when I was free and I suggested a day and time. He said he was all for it but he just had to check at work to make sure he was free, so he would get back to me. Then he vanished without an explanation. As you can imagine I was quite upset. All he had to do was just tell me he had changed his mind instead of leaving me hanging. He had the gall to contact me again a month later pretending like nothing had happened. I think since he's good-looking he thinks he can get away with anything. He even asked me why I was giving him the cold shoulder and asked if he had done something wrong. He claimed he had a lovely time chatting online with me and I had been one of his priorities. I told him exactly what he had done wrong and thought I was done with him. He hasn't offered an apology or explained his behavior but he keeps texting me hoping I'll change my mind and meet him. When I told my friends they basically said I was making too big a deal of this, that I should forgive and forget and give him a chance. I found his behavior disrespectful and selfish and my guess is that's probably how he would be in a relationship. Your opinion?

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