She is hitting on me

Hey guys.

So I met this girl online, she is helping me get a weekend job. I have never met her in person but she sounded so cool on the phone. So she just texted me a while ago and she is flirting with me.

My bf and I are cool even though he isn't my fav person right now, we don't stay together. I love him to bits and well I would never cheat on him that's why I think I should stop all communication with this girl.

Before I met my bf and the guy before him I used to have things with girls and boys. Not at the same time so if I were to be classified I would be called Bisexual. I haven't been with a girl in more than 6 years, the thought of this really pretty girl hitting on me turns me on.

I know I shouldnt entertain this but can't I have a little innocent fun????