Possibly changing care - can't decide what to do

KW • Mommy to two sweet daughters and pregnant with a 3rd baby! (don`t know gender yet)
I'm currently 25 wks 5 days with my 3rd and seeing an OB/midwife team. I like the OB a lot but don't care for the midwife. I am also not very comfortable with the hospital they deliver at. (The only option where I live.) I have the opportunity to change to a home birth midwife and really want to do so but I'd have to travel 2 hours to her practice for prenatal visits. Then she would come to me for the birth. I can't decide what to do since there are pros and cons to each decision. I have had 2 water births and can't imagine not having a 3rd (not allowed in this hospital). Anyone have any advice or insight? :) Is a home birth worth the long drives?