Should I tell her?

Lupita • Violinist
So I use to like this girl a lot! She was actually a really close and good friend  of mine or bestfriend should I say. I began realizing that I was attracted to her, but it was only her. I never felt attracted to a girl before or after her and I was never going to tell her because I didn't want to tell the ONLY girl (that I liked) that I liked her. I also didn't want to tell her either because what if she also rejected my feelings and stopped being my friend. I wouldn't want that happening. So I just carried on and eventually ended up moving to a different town and just now while texting she told me she was interesting in girls! INTERESTED IN GIRLS, what were the odds of me falling for a girl who I thought would never be lesbian actually being lesbian. We were jokingly texting like, "Now since you're out of the closet we can date." and she said "But you're not lesbian." We kind of carried into more jokes like that and I thought what if she was actually into me. Then I texted my boyfriend "The girl I use to like is a lesbian now." Which he was very surprised because I'm not at all into girls (with the exception of her) or even considered myself lesbian, bisexual (maybe). I've just been kind of debating whether to tell her or not how I use to feel about her now that she is out and all. Although I mean I'd never date her now, maybe if I was back in her town then of course give it a shot. But right now I'm not looking into moving back or even breaking it off with my boyfriend.