Anal for the first time!!!! Yikes the

Coca • 22| student 👩‍🎓

So I finally tried anal. I guess I'm a big girl now. But anyways, the guy I lost my virginity to came over and we were talking. And he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear and suggested we try something. So he asked me if I would consider anal. I went along with it. Which prior to this he was insisting we try anal. Myself being a short and petite individual with a little cushion for the pushing nonetheless. We didn't have any lube which was a bummer so we had to use lotion which isn't recommend in my case if this the first time. My overall experience saying it's the first time would be a 3. I think he might have ripped my bum hole!!!! Yikes. At the current moment I have diarrhea maybe saying this is the first time and all. Also there's a little pain/burning sensation when I try to pass a bowel movement. I'm not really sure if I'd try it again. But hey we will never know!!

P.S: Unfortunately I was on my period which I told him prior and he wasn't turned off or phased at the situation which ummm kinda caught me off guard. Until next time 😊