Kristen • 35 years old mommy to be again! 2nd baby in 2 years. I have a 18 mo daughter and a son who is 14. I just hit the reset button x2!! 😱👑😂💞
Hello! My name is Kristen, I just turned 33 and am 9 weeks with a due date of 10/10/16. I'm 5'5 125lb. I have a son who will be 13 when baby arrives. 
I gained 30lb with my son and was pretty overweight for about a year after he was born. I started at 130lb and gave birth at 160lb. I was then left almost 25lb overweight and according to my bmi I was considered to be on the cusp of being obese. I didn't exercise much with the exception of walking with that pregnancy. I also ate whatever I wanted! I got stretch marks on my legs, hips, lower abdomen, boobs, and a few on my butt! 
This time around I am starting out 5lb lighter and already making better choices. I am using coconut oil lotion everyday. I also intend to work out as soon as I get my energy back. I've been drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep! 
As far as symptoms go I've had no morning sickness but lots of gas and bloating and constipation! TMI! Sometimes after I eat I look and feel like I'm 5 month pregnant! 
That about does it for me, I look forward to meeting new moms to be who are also health conscious and or want to be. I strongly believe in lifting each other up and encouraging each other with no judgment!