Af was/is due between yesterday and tomorrow update

Af due today but early as yesterday or late as tomorrow. 24-26 day cycles. Well tmi, but I just went pee and after I wiped I looked at paper there was a little egg white discharge. Stretched like 2 inches...but I did see a little creamy discharge as well with, what I believe, was a super light pink just where the creamy discharge was. Wiped again and more egg white cm when I say little I mean it was only on a small part of tissue. Then I checked cm a little later watery creamy mixture not much cream like texture as I normally would have by now usually a lot. But the pink tint will keep me guessing. I'll be starting tonight or tomorrow I think. But I sure hope not. If no af by tomorrow am I'm going to store asap for a test. Ps. I went to the doctors today. Waiting on blood work. I won't hear about it until I go back on monday. Maybe there's good news from all this