Just Venting

So I agreed to let my bil temporarily live with us until he gets a place of his own. Or rather until my mil gets him an apartment because he doesn't have a job and is content with not having one. He's suppose to be gone by next month so fingers crossed. I'm not normally so easily bothered by things but boy am I getting pissed off day by day. First he literally eats everything that is brought into the house! I don't mind sharing but atleast save us something considering we bought it! Then he's here all day so why not do the dishes? He was doing them but he stopped I'm assuming because I told him he needs to clean them better because I keep seeing things on the dishes which is beyond disgusting to me. That doesn't mean don't do them,just make sure they're actually clean! Is that too much to ask? Then because he is here all day I also expect him to take our dog out for bio breaks and walking and I come into the house and instantly smell pee 😡😡😡 I talked to him just the other day and told him to make sure to take the dog out because I've noticed when I get home from work and take the dog out he pee's for an extra long time. I just feel like the least you can do is pull your weight around here, especially when you don't contribute at all and my husband and I work all day and I'm in school full time. I'm just tired.