What iS your daily routine or schedule with baby?? Do you work full-time, part-time, stay at home mom, work from home? Is baby in daycare, goes to families house, have a nanny? Breastfeeding, formula, or both? 
I go back to work full time next week M-Th 9am-6pm Fri. 8am-7pm. Baby will be 6 weeks old, I exclusively breastfeed and will be pumping at work. I'm struggling to get her on a routine/schedule. Nothing "set" but I just want something to make our day go more smoothly once I'm back at work because right now we just go with the flow of things. Baby will be going back and forth from my grandmas and my aunts house throughout the week while I'm working.  
Also, what is your bedtime routine with baby? And do they sleep through the night or wake up? 
My LO sleeps through the night, I usually get her to sleep by 8:30 or so and I wake her when I head to bed for a "dream feed" around 10:30-11:30 and place her back in the bassinet. She'll sleep until 7or8am occasionally she'll wake for another dream feed anywhere from 4am-6am. But that's not often.