So Uncertain!! 🙁

Megan • Baby Mack #2
So my husband and I have been trying for about a year and a half. I have fairly irregular cycles but they seem to have become a little more regular in the last couple of months, they're just "on average" about 38 days long. Well now I'm on Day 45.. I usually don't get PMS symptoms but for the last 2+ weeks I've been so tired, I SWEAR my areolas have changed and my breasts are tender. I'm a belly sleeper and they even wake me up. The last 4 days I've had the most odd dreams as well. The problem is, I've taken two pregnancy tests. The first about a week and a half ago and the second 6 days ago. Both negative. Am I being a baby about this? We have been trying for so long it seems. I'm losing hope and I am so scared I'm going to get my period. Has anyone else had these issues? How did you get passed them? Any help or advice is welcomed! Thanks!