I actually found a solution to my snoring!!!!!

Update!!!! I found a product that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!! First, I bought my husband some snore blocking earplugs (Just in case). He doesn't mind wearing them and when he tested them he couldn't hear me "fake snoring". I also bought some Airs (see picture) for myself!!! They worked wonders. Not only did I stop snoring- I also could breathe so much better. Now, they are a bit uncomfortable and take some getting used to but once you fall asleep, you don't even notice them. If you go buy them, pay attention to the size. I think I should have bought the smalls but they still did fine. They also are infused with lavender, chamomile and ylang -ylang essential oils to help you fall and stay asleep. I'm tellin ya fellow preggers... This is a must have item!!!!