Pissed off a wi bit

If you post a poll on here and get pissed on what people say because they didn't agree with you then why did you make the poll? Sounds like you already knew what you wanted.
If you are not a doctor do not give medical advice! Some of the things you guys say are ridiculous. Some girls really depend on our comments! ASK YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE REAL THINGS GOING ON. 
Don't be a lame mom and try to be a doctor. I get its your baby but there is a reason we have medicine, doctors, and technology. We can't know what's best ALL of the time. Sometimes we need help. 
You're not a bad mom if you give your baby formula...thank you for feeding your baby. 
Rant over. It really pissed me off. 
Let's not be shitty with each other, lets be friends. Happy baby dust y'all,