Teacher...so stressed out (rant)

I am currently teaching all day prek which as you should know is only available for "at risk" students who usually come from low income families or families that are in the military and where I am located most of the families don't really don't  spend quality time with their children... Where I am there are no military families in prek. 
I am 13 weeks pregnant this week and let me tell you I am beyond stressed out. This is my 2nd year teaching prek and I at this point need some stress relief. My students have completely forgotten how to act and behave. They have forgotten how to talk to and treat one another. They are forgetting their numbers, letters, and letter sounds!!!! I am at my whits end! Idk what to do. It's becoming harder and harder for me to come to work each day when all I feel like doing is correcting, taking things away and being an all out grump. 
We're moving this summer for my husband's job so I'll be teaching a different grade hopefully. This was not my ideal position but oh well. We have 6 more weeks of school left, and praying for some relief bc I know stress is not good for the baby.