Angry because of no sex ?

Dee • Hello . I'm Dee . 😘
So my boyfriends and I one year anniversary is today 😩 But it went terribly wrong . 😔 Yesterday he gave me a promposal but today we argued like mad dogs . 😒 This is the first time we've EVER YELLED at each other while arguing . You ever met someone who is calm while arguing ? Yea that's him .. But today we both blew up . It's our anniversary .. I wanted sex . He wanted to just hang out and chill .. Take a walk .. Take pictures .. After I stormed out like a brat .. I came back and I was arguing with him asking do he want me sexually and do he still think about being with me sexually and he said "YES ! Of course !" Now last week I told him that I want him to show the same amount of affection that he shows me while we're having sex , in public . He said "Okay I'll stop until I show you and you're satisfied ." TODAY I found out that he wanted to "Chill out on sex so we can build our emotional connection ." AFTER we both yelled at each other and I crawled on his lap and started crying . I was scared , shocked and hurt . I tried fixing this and let him know that I was wrong and that I wish he would've talked to me about "chilling out on sex" rather than making me feel unwanted . I said we both were wrong in a sense . He got angry because he felt he wasn't wrong . He wanted to go home and the last thing I told him was "Call me when you want to talk about things ! 😡" And it's been hours since I heard from him .. Ladies !! What do I do ? I feel so bad .. My man has NEVER yelled at me . I was yelling at him and he said to not yell at him because he's not a little bitch .