Can not believe some men! //rant

Went to a tire shop with my fiance and my fiance stepped out for a moment and left me with the manager. He stated that his wife and him are expecting their second child and he has yet to change a diaper, and was proud of it. His daughter being apparently 18 mos, i asked him how he got away with that and he said "I asked my my wife if she wanted to change tires and she said no, so i said exactly, why should I change a diaper? I've given her a good life and I work hard and I'm tired too." I was like you're kidding right? And he says "No and she wants me around more, but I need to get away sometimes and single moms do it alone all the time, its not hard when she has family who can help" Then went on to say he cheated on his wife and it took her a year to find out and he's an extremely flirty guy and his wife knows it blahblah. I almost lost my shit. I'm sitting there thinking shed be better off as a single mom than with you're degrading ass! How can some men be so disgusting!?