Update and still irritated

Sara • I`m happily married to the most wonderful man, and we have now been ttc for going on 2+ years. Hoping to become a mommy very soon. Praying to get that bfp.
Went to the doctor today, and no peace of mind. The urine test there was negative and I got another vvvf on an hpt. Had them do a blood test that I'll likely get back tomorrow. So that's 7 tests. 5 faint positive and 2 bfn. Still no af and now it makes 6 days I'm late. Swore I started at work today, and went to check but yet again there was nothing. This is driving me crazy. As bad as I want a baby and my bfp, I think even at this point if af showed I'd be relieved. This has been so stressful and I just want answers at this point. I've read so many things supporting the I'm prego theory and I've also read things that make my heart drop about others getting af after a week late. I'm literally losing my mind ladies 😯😤😧😥😢😕😣