So tired💤 and kind of annoyed at my SO

So he got home from work at 3:30am I told him I'll be nice n stay up until he gets home my own personal preference I feel safer but anyways before he got home I kind of fell asleep on the couch dinner was in the pan on the stove everything was cleaned up I work in the home n go to school... he noticed I was asleep got woken up to him saying you're suppose to be ready for me not asleep blah blah so after that he kept me up all night cause he wanted to so I didn't fall asleep until 7am n it's now 10am he's asleep now (we r engaged going to be married and ttc baby #1) out of a 7 day week we have sex multiple times a day and at least 6 days out of 7 so it's not that idk I think he could've had a bad day at work n just got mad about everything else (stress) I do my best & he worships my every move *we are financially stable and everything so it's not money* like y take it out on me because he knows I'll fix it? I'm not leaving and No he isn't cheating! I was wondering what could have him stress? ❤ *** I was only asleep for an hour right before he came home at 3:30am I was on the couch "acting like I fell asleep"(I was awake he just didn't see that when he started saying that stuff) so i turned around n was like I'll shut u up baby *jokingly* we talked this morning about it he is good just a bad day at work we all have bad days n that's okay