Unhappy unsure what to do?

I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant currently living with my sister family. My current boyfriend for going on 9years lives with his mom. We once had a place but money was tight. We found out this January about our little one. We've been trying to save money but never seem to have engouh. I have to move this July due to the money issue we can't move out. He wants me to move in with his family. Which I don't want to. I've lived there once and was unhappy. He stated we should have a place in augest. Well today he's asking for my big tv. I told him no and he acts stupid and now says we're not moving till the baby born. I don't know what to do anymore this is a lot of stress I don't need. I've told him since day one I don't want to move in with his family. I understand our money issue and he wants to have 3 months rent saved since my money won't be much since I'll leave for maternity. I just can't be here with my child. I won't be happy and not happy. Omg I really feel like a rant there so much more to say