Okay it's been really pissing me off every time I see guys bashing women on keeping the kid away from the father calling them deadbeat moms like they know the situation on why she is the way she is. I know some moms do it out of bitterness but not all mothers my first born I didn't want his family to have anything to do with my baby for one he abused me before I was pregnant and after he hit me multiple times I never wanted to call the cops on him before because one I was staying at his moms house (everytime I tried to leave she would get all upset and made me feel guilty that I was leaving) then when I finally had enough I packed up and left to my moms house and his mother talked  shit to me and about me to him calling me a bitch and saying no wonder why he hits me I deserve it and I'm an idiot I won't be able to protect my baby and all this shit. The last straw I had with them was when I was 8 months pregnant he hit me so bad my face was swollen I couldn't eat anything until it healed it was horrible he pushed me and forces me to have sex with him afterwards my mom made me call the cops the next day and I told his mom what happened I showed her pictures of my face she said omg what did you say to him? To make him hit you like that. My response I told him I just didn't want to be with him anymore he could still be apart of the baby life but I'm done so that's why he hit me (btw he had a girlfriend at the time) she wanted me to lie to my mom and the cops saying I fell that's why my face was so swollen because she didn't want him to go to jail. Then I started thinking this bitch doesn't even care about the baby well being he could have hurt the baby and he threatened to do so many times she just worried about her grown ass son who is 21 about going to jail. I'm glad I made the decision to keep my baby away from them she is happy and safe with a daddy who wouldn't lay a hand on either of us. Sorry it was so long I had to vent