My family is mad that I didn't say I was preg til 5 months but I had a bad screening.

I held off on telling my family because they wouldn't understand and I didn't need the negative and gossip. I am not married to my baby's father . Okay that looks bad to them but I had a maternity 21 screen and got some scary news. I didn't want to tell them and loose it then start over and try again. They wouldn't understand Loss and try again. Little do they know we tried so hard to get pregnant and to find out your baby may have a issue and you may be forced to loose it is stressful already. I'm 34 going on 35 and I don't have that much time to try again.             So to receive word of family being upset that I didn't tell them and be rude and gossip hurts so much. How about you ask me why I didn't say. 😓