FEELING Pregnant!!

I don't know exactly what it is but I just have this feeling!! I took a test yesterday morning but it was a bfn. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but pms is so much the same.

This time just feels so different though... several days of cramps, severe bloating and nausea this morning that sent me sprinting to the bathroom before getting sick! Mild diarrhea, breast pain that started just today, heavy vaginal discharge (sorry for tmi), and sensitivity to smells are also among my symptoms. A little fatigue but I wouldn't say I'm exhausted!

Im already a mother of twins girls so I'm not new to pregnancy but its been 5 years since I got pregnant with them and I was younger and out off tune with my body.

This is my 1st cycle off the pill and today is day 29 of my usual 28 day cycle (15dpo) so tomorrow I'll officially be one day late. I've been using preseed and checking cervical mucus and position which at the moment is high, closed, soft.

I've read that coming off the pill your cycle should return to normal. I had a withdrawal bleed the day after I stopped my pill for the length of a normal "period" so im not thinking my cycles are out of whack for any reason.

I'm sure I'm not the only who feels this way. I'd love to know if any of you other ladies can relate and what symptoms you are feeling!! I'm waiting to test (with the encouragement of my husband until AF official doesn't show).

Don't hesitate to comment!!!! 😊

Baby dust to those of you who read this and keep scrolling ✨✨