Long Lasting Miscarriage and now TTC

I always read posts but haven't yet felt the desire to post my own story until tonight. My hubs and I conceived in November last year and I found out I was pregnant because I was 2 days late...having taken a pregnancy test every month for a year and seeing negatives, I almost fell over when I saw the faint positive. Blood tests confirmed it, and we were off on the whirlwind. Since he's in the Army we couldn't get an earlier ultrasound than 16 weeks and I wanted to make sure "everything was okay" and we went outside of our insurance at 8 weeks. A heartbeat! The most magical little sound. Fast forward to going on vacation together around my birthday to Key Largo and the signs began to appear...and at midnight as my birthday Facebook posts came rolling in, we lost our baby at 11 weeks. I had awful difficulties and nearly needed a transfusion because I lost 2 units of blood. It was scary and awful and I know for sure others feel as traumatized as I do even contemplating trying again...can I hear some success stories? Or some similar to mine in knowing the fear could prevent something wonderful from happening and trying to battle the worry? Sorry for the short novela but I'm a writer and can't help being wordy šŸ˜‚šŸ˜Š