Secretive husband. Need advice please!

So I have been married for a year and a half and I love my husband dearly. I moved to his country to be with him (we belong to the same culture though). I know he loves me but I have this huge issue that he always talks to his parents and his sister when I am not around..ALWAYS. I have no idea what they talk about, and honestly so far I believe it is not about me. I do not mind his closeness to his family at all. In fact his parents live with us and are currently in their home country for sometime. The only issue is that while I am open about everything and involve him in stuff, I find he never discusses anything pertaining to his family with me. He talks to them for hours at length but never comes back to confide in me while I do, all the time. I even know of a couple times when he did not answer my call and told me that he was talking to a friend while his phone record shows it was his mom or sister. The phone call is the not the issue but the lie is. I have talked to him about it and he says he tells me everything. Inhave not confronted him about the lie yet. Am I expecting too much? How do I deal with it? Thanks for reading.