Flying SouthWest. Get preboarding for free

 Hello, here something helpful.
 I flew on SouthWest over memorial weekend. I didn't buy any extra upgrades to check in.  Plus the have free seating. Once we got to our gate I went to the help desk and ask about how do I go about get Preboarding ticket.( which was for a future trip coming up that 5 hr long flight).  I told the lady I'm currently pregrant  and not sure about the process. She smiled and ask for my ticket and the next thing I know I got a preboarding ticket attached to my ticket. She said I fall under the disability special accommodates.  I asked if need to pay for it? she said nope. It a courtesy because I'm pregrant. 
 My flight was only hour and half trip. Truthfully, I 'm so happy to have the preboarding. Because I got board before group A and traveling with small children. I even score the first sit with by the window with bulk area.
 The flight was extremely packed, I'm glad I was not load with class C33 originally.  I barley can fit down the aisle with my  prego belly. Yes you will be bumping or brushing up with people( notice it on my way to the bathroom if was I going to one in the back but realize one in front of me).
At the end of the day that was the best flight and stress free.
 Highly recommended it anybody who pregnant.  I felt more safe, not overwhelming and claustrophobic with all the bodies around me. I got take my time and enjoy my lunch while everyone boards.