Excited! Sorry for being long winded lol!

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I've had 10 months of failed attempts at TTC, so I've decided to try a few things differently for when cycle 11 starts. Anyone use Fertilaid? Any success stories? I'm giving that a try with cycle 11, also trying fertility essential oil, fertility crystals (yes I'm that crazy lol). I know we haven't been trying very long, it's frustrating whether you've tried for a few months or several years, especially after a reversal surgery. With me being 30 and my husband almost 38 we are beyond ready for a baby and we are desperately trying before my husband hits 40. Currently I'm on cycle 10, CD 33, 11 DPO and one day late. I'm very much hanging on to hope AF won't show, but only time will tell. To those who are in the same boat, good luck to you all and massive amounts of baby dust coming your way.