Do i have the right to be PISSED OFF?!


So my panorama test came back today (low risk for abnormalities thank God) anyways I got the gender to buy we are having a reveal party so I didn't want to know. My friend took me to get the envelope to give to my mom. Well my mom and her looked at it which I didn't have a problem with. I posted a status on Facebook saying I got the gender today and that I would let everyone who I wanted to come to the party know when it was. So this girl I don't even know asked if she could know what It was and I was like yeah when I post the pics from the party. So she took it upon herself to inbox my friend who knew the gender what the gene was and my dumbass friend told her!!!! But says she was sorry and that I shouldn't be mad at her because it wasn't that serious. LIKE YES THE HELL IT IS! what's the point of a gender reveal if everyone knows the damn gender???! I don't want some random girl that I don't even know, know what's growing inside of me before I do!! Do I have a right to be mad?!

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