Despite symptoms I'm 17dpo and still BFN??

I'm 29 and had a TFMR in Jan and been TTC ever since. Periods have been lighter since Feb, though very regular and complete with furious PMS on week lead up to AF!
This month I was due 11/6  I had no PMS symptoms at all. Had a red/pink mucus blob on 9/11 then nothing but spotting on and off for 3 more days. Some of those days I didn't even need a pantyliner! 
Since then my boobs have been on FIRE! Tingly nipples, heavy feeling in my chest (just like my first pregnancy). Having the odd dizzy spells, been exhausted and have some pulling in my pelvis area! 
Only thing is I'm 17/18dpo and I think this is still a bfn... Or can you see a vvvfl too?
Going crazy here!