Can we stop

With all the BS of "oh I smoked during my pregnancy so it's ok" or "marijuana is healthy for the baby".

Especially the "I smoked heavily before pregnancy and it's so hard to quit"

I smoked METH before I knew I was pregnant and quit immediately. You can stop smoking weed.

I'm not saying it's easy for everyone, but do you really want your child taken? Because I personally know a girl who had her baby taken by child services because she smoked marijuana during pregnancy and the baby tested positive.

Marijuana itself is not addictive. If you can't quit smoking, it's because you don't want to. If you can't quit for you, quit for your child.

If your doctor recommended thc, then still, don't smoke it. Do edibles! Any smoke is bad for the baby!

But if your doctor says no, or you're in a state where it's illegal, just stop. It's one sacrifice for your baby. 9 months sober is better than potentially losing your child because you don't want to stop something temporarily.