Gestational Diabetes is a pain😔

Mrs. Karl
I've had GDM with my previous pregnancies, of course with this bein my 3rd I already knew what to expect. I watched my carb intake by grams (Up to 30 gms for meals, up to 15 gms for snacks) BUT this is my 1st boy...this kid won't let me have a bite of starch! My fastin sugars would be kinda high. I tried to stick to my diet for abt 3-4 wks n then finally js cut starches out...protein n veggies, all day err day😑 My endocrinologist finally put me on a small dose of insulin js at bedtime. Is it cuz I'm older? Is it cuz I'm havin a boy? My sugars are pretty much within range each time now but was so frustratin to finally get to this point. Anyone else dealin wih GDM? Any good recipes to share?