I'm tired of feeling like I don't belong.

I'm so sick of feeling alienated in an app that is meant to make us feel welcome. I get it! Sometimes us teenagers don't know everything about our bodies, sometimes we just need to vent about our school life, SOMETIMES we need you! The people who continuously make posts asking to kick us out of the community! We came here looking for help, people to go to when we have no one else, and I see almost every day someone new talking about how we shouldn't be allowed on here. Do you even stop to think how that makes us feel? The place that's supposed to be most welcoming belittles us just because our knowledge isn't up to scratch. Don't like us here? Use the age filter!!! Don't come on here complaining about us asking for help! Don't make people feel more alone than they already do! You say we start petty drama but then go on to act like a highschool clique that hates everyone who doesn't fit in with them. I'm asking you, please stop. Stop outcasting us. Start helping us, we all know we need it. You are the elders of sorts, even when you're not entirely that old. Sometimes we need help from someone that has more experience. Sometimes we need a group of people to look up to. It'd be nice if you stopped talking about us like we weren't even here. I know that some of you will say the age filter doesn't work, but that's not our fault, stop taking it out on us by posting about how immature we are, or how much you wish we weren't allowed on here. We came here for help, please help us.