Ovarian cysts

I just got out of the ER🏥 and they told me all of my pain was from an ovarian cyst.. I got my very first IUD called skyla on Monday of this week and if that didn't scare me enough I am currently having my very first ovarian cyst (OUCH!!) 😰 seriously the only plus from this is I get a week off of work and the heavy pain medicine they gave me, but the doctor didn't say anything negative about it only that it had liquid in it or something in that nature. I'm honestly quite worried because my Nana (grandmother) had ovarian cancer and beat it thank god but I plan to have a beautiful family with my husband sometime down the line and that would tear me apart to not be able to have children.. If anyone has some tips to reduce cramping, bloating or even sleeping please speak up👍🏼🤕