To those thinking about quitting.....


If you have been trying to conceive for 1+years that are taking conception meds or treatment and feels like you are never going to have a baby and thinking about giving up......remember Rome was not built in one day. Your day of becoming a wonderful mom is soon to come. Just continue to have faith. Never give up. If you stop trying then how are you going to have that miracle? You can't without trying. Hang tight. Your time is coming! Just wait on that wonderful blessing because it shall be received in due time. I know posts up here of others sharing their positive hpts. Or baby bumps. Don't let that get you down. Or make you envious. There are others standing in the same spot that you're standing in. You're not alone. I felt the need to share this because i see so much negativity and not many uplifting posts up here so i thought I'd try something positive.....i want us women (pregnant or not) to have one another's back and moral support. Stop the bashing. Stop the envious rants. Stop all that negativity and come together as ONE. Us women are strong and a necessity to life. We give birth to create generations. Remember that. Whats a sperm without an egg? Nothing. We are the creators of life. We go through pain to bring in another life. Just keep your head up ladies. Be happy for who you is.

Love your fellow NURTURER...LOL