What would you do in this situation ?

Right now we're at a children's place (inside a buliding) that involves bouncy houses, slides, and a ball pit. Theres only 3 kids here, 2 of which are in my care. One is my 6 year old nephew, the other my almost 4 year old son. The other Is a small boy maybe close to the age of 3. The boy was in the ball pit and my son and nephew wanted in there too. So as soon as they climb in this little boy started screaming and crying. At first I thought "what a brat" (yeah I know, shouldn't be so judgemental) but then I thought, what if this child has some sort of problem? Now the child appears to have nothing wrong with him but you can't always tell just by looking. Or maybe he has social anxiety. Maybe this child is an only child and has no idea how to interact with children. So I wasn't sure what to do. Should I call my son and nephew away ? Should I let then stay? This is a public place but should I make this little boy uncomfortable by letting my family near him? I didn't want my son and nephew to have to miss their fun but I also didn't want this little boy to miss any fun. While I was deciding on what to do the boys mother ended up getting the boy out of the ball pit. What would you have done? Let your children/family play or take them out?

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