For those of you who put your husband before your kids..

So after the post about putting your husband before your kids. I wanna give you some hypothetical questions and I wanna see you answer the same way as before and see how you would really feel:

1. You literally only have a $1, no food at home, no other options on how to feed yourselves, do you spend it to feed your CHILD or HUSBAND?

2. You guys get kicked out, you all can't stay at any family members house.. they say only one of you can stay, you get to decide, do you let you CHILD stay or HUSBAND? The others who can't sleep out in the streets.

3.Someone breaks into your house wants one of your family members to leave with them as collateral, you have to pick, do you send your CHILD or your HUSBAND?

4. You're whole family is very sick, going to the hospital or doctors isn't an option, all you have is medicine, enough for one of you. Do you give the medicine to your CHILD or HUSBAND?

******like I said these are all hypothetical questions! There is no changing the situation, you can't say "my family would let us all stay", "we would never not have food", "I own my house, I would never be homeless". These are the situations, no other options!

You either pick your child or husband for all or none.

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