I'm done

Seriously we told people 2 months ago we were going to get our marriage license signed officially, we just had to wait until we found someone who we wanted to do it. We finally got it done on Tuesday and we've been busy and working since then. Last night we told his mom, who got pissed she didn't know right then and called everyone and told them that we had done it and didn't tell anyone. Which wasn't the point. We literally didn't have time to. We went straight to work Tuesday got off at 1030pm, had to be back at 6am Wednesday, worked until 10pm again and yesterday I spent all day at the doctors office and getting my pre-admit paperwork turned in for when I go into labor and also toured the hospital. Then had to go another 25 miles and to pick up our bosses car and made it back in time to, you guessed it, go to work. So last night I found time to tell his mom. And today he gets a call from his uncle saying that his mom is furious she wasn't told immediately. She knew two months in advance. We have been extremely busy and didn't have time to tell her until last night that we got it signed officially. This is why I like my family. They didn't get mad at all. They supported it completely and understood we were busy and couldn't tell anyone immediately. His mom is such a drama queen and wants a say in everything. I hate it.