Premonitions (possible trigger?)

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So I have 2 stories, both are true. 
When I was about 19, I had a dream that I was walking through an empty house that I didn't recognize. I walked down a hallway towards a shut door, turned the knob & pushed the door open. As soon as it opened, a noose fell from above the door. I woke up the next morning really bothered by the dream, but brushed it off because I couldn't make much sense of it. 2 weeks later, my Dad called to tell me my 14 yo cousin had hung himself in his bedroom. When I went to his funeral, afterwards we went to my Aunt & Uncles house, which I had never seen, & I was overwhelmed with de ja vu as it was almost identical to my dream. Never told any of them about it, obviously.
Story #2: when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, I started having dreams about murders...I dreamt my step mom & I killed someone, hid the body & cleaned up all the blood, as there was a lot. I dreamt I was in a car with someone I didn't recognize & I watched someone else kill him right beside me, again a lot of blood. I had several more dreams like this, always with a lot of blood. After about a week of this, I somehow just "knew" I was going to miscarry...I even asked a very dear wiccan friend to help me make sense of it. She assured me she believed it was my maternal instincts kicking in & I was becoming more aware & protective. Relieved, I embraced the disturbing dreams. Sadly, I started bleeding around 9-10 weeks pregnant & indeed miscarried.