Driving late at night

- Not my story, but a friends - 
He and a buddy were driving home late 1 night. He lived out in the country, so it's super quiet and no street lights. He drove a big, loud truck that you could see and hear coming from a mile away. They had the music up loud and he looked down for a sec to change the volume when his friend screamed bc there was a lady in the middle of the road. He swerved and missed her thankfully. They kept driving for a bit all freaked out, but he didn't feel good about not apologizing so they went back to check on her....bc who in their right mind is walking in the middle of the road on the top of a hill in the middle of the night? And doesn't move when they hear the loud truck coming? So they get back to her and start to pull up beside her (she's still walking in the road). She's barefoot, wearing ratty clothes, had black stringy hair that was all in her face, and her head was down. She was also moving at a snail pace. As they were pulling up to her he tried to talk to her but got no response. They figured she was on drugs or something. Well he looked away for a second and noticed his buddy's eyes got really wide. He turned to look back at the lady (who was several feet away from them before this point), and she had somehow moved right beside the truck in a matter of seconds and was reaching her hand inside to unlock the truck. But she missed and scratched his arm instead. They peeled outta there so fast! He said he can still remember how cold she was and a very distinct smell. He ended up staying at his friends house that night bc he was too worked up to drive to his house bc he'd had to face that lady again. But he never saw or heard anything about her again.