But i do love her

Me and my wife been married 1 1/2 years we have a daughter 2 1/2 I got into a relationship with her not really knowing her because she got pregnant 2 months of us dating I do love her but i dont know her all of her ex's say she crazy and I believe it I talked to women online in my past before we got married and stopped after [only because we got disconnected after she wlhad our baby] [no sex no talk even slept I am seperated rooms because of how she felt] [she called it baby blues and this is what pushed me away] [her family is always saying I do something sexually to my child but don't tell her till later when they mad at her] [I love my child deally and would never hurt her] [her older daughter from her other relationship her father is not in her life he hoe hop and not to be funny but she is fast she tries to put her self in her mom shoes and she acts like she wanna be her mom and do the things her mom does] [I try to correct her on things like peing outside and trying to do things the right way infront of her kids but she say she don't wanna change] [her daughter kisses mines in the mouth and her son do freaky things like get up under my daughter and let her sit I am his face] [her whole family is corrupt and they told her when she was 2 she was molested by her mama friend and this was later at age 8 or 10 so she understood what happened] now she been accusing me of messing with our child and I got locked up for putting my hands on her for saying that almost 1 1/2 year ago] [and married me right after u got out] and now in 2016 we forgave each other for all our faults recently and today I woke up we got into a big arguement about nothing she asked me to fold the cloths I took a shower because we been going to white waters and my skin was peeling from the chlorine so I can back to the Room to fold the cloths and I started to help so she told me to stop and just put the cloths up so I did and then our daughter got mad and started throwing the cloths and I brought the cloths to her to refold she was mad and ask me why I didn't and I told her you told me just to put them up and you fold [but before that all started I told her let's fold as a group and put them up together and she said no that's stupid and I said it's still two of us doing the cloths why we can't do it together and she gave me this litture about her job at pizza hut and I said no if it's three phones ringing the next person is supposed to get the phone if they not doing nothing and so after that she started talking about her ex's and that pissed me off because she talkin about how they took care of her and did for her but they all still left her for another woman so at the end of the day they ain't shit to me and they don't even help with they child in no way but complain why she not doing for them which me and her take care of the kids so I said some things about her past I should have never said to her but it was in the heat of the Moment [we go to counseling but she dont listen to our counselor and I remind her everyday what she said to us but it's like she don't get it and don't wanna listen to nobody] she tell me she wanna be on my team but she dont act like it [she told me this the way things should be done and I told her just because you did it one way don't mean that it is right and just because nobody told you you was wrong don't mean your not wrong you just didn't have a real man in your life to tell you] [we are from two different sides which mean we were raised differently for example I was raised from 3 to 18 with two parents in my life she was not] we both been bounced around threw family and relationships but when I made a baby with this woman I Knew she was the one until she had the baby I'm lost in love can somebody help me