Really annoyed with my friend

I posted the other day I'm getting annoyed with my best friend. We hardly hang out anymore, and when I ask to it's always we have to sit in her apartment. Her bf is best friends with my bf and he does the same he never hangs out with my bf anymore. It annoys Him as well. Mostly because our friends are so far up each other's asses to be honest. I wanted to walk downtown(we live in a small town)the other day with her but she didn't want to but I could still go to her place. I didn't because I didn't want to sit inside and do nothing. She has no problem going out with co workers on the weekends, yet we can't seem to hang out anymore. She asked tonight if I'd watch her kid while she went out with coworkers. Well I said no because I'm annoyed she can go out but never asks me to hang out, and because I'm just super tired and want some time to myself since I never get it anymore. I feel kind of bad for saying no, but I don't. I'm just really frustrated. I don't like talking about it because I just don't like conflict.