First Solid Gave her gas- advice?

Hi mommies- Our little one has been showing signs of wanting to start solids (she's almost 5 months). I have the baby bullet and used the first foods guide (4-6m) and whipped up some puréed peas.  the first feeding today was quick, she maybe had 2 or 3 bites and wasn't interested so we moved onto her bottle, the second feeding (maybe she was more hungry) she gobbled down the entire serving, smiling and laughing. Quickly after she had horrible gas pains. Crying...irritable...and lasted a few hours. 
My question is I know we are supposed to stick to a 4 day rule but am I supposed to continue to give her peas? After some more research it looks like peas weren't a good first choice but not sure if I should try something new tomorrow (or just go to no solids for 3 days) and start back up with something different a few days from now. 
Thoughts?  And thank you :)