My funny labor

So it's been over a year and I relized I haven't posted my birth story, so here we go :)
I started my pregnancy at 130 I was always skinny but when I reached 270 at 9 months it really just blew my mind, my doctor said my health was fine and that the baby was around 8 pounds so I didn't think much of it, did stay away from the scale though.
Cora was due June 6, and nothing seemed to be happening that morning, I did have mild cramping but already been to he hospital 3 times and they said everything was normal and I was still only 2 cm dialated so it would still be a while. 
So we had a visit with Scott's (my husbands) parents in the morning who told us they were going shopping and to call if we needed anything. My husband doesn't have his drivers license so it was up to them or my grandma (who was out camping that weekend) to drive us if I did go into labor.
Around 2 pm while we were watching super girl, I started getting reaaaaally bad contractions, ones that brought me to my kneese and cry, and once they were done I would in pause the tv show to continue watching it XD 
Scott was trying to contact his parents but for somereason they were not picking up. So I started getting nervice and worried. Finally after screaming bloody murder from the pain we called our friend who came to pick us up. 
She looked so scared driving and I had to calm her down threw the pain that I was going to be fine, as I went threw a half contraction at 2 min and then a full contraction at 5 min. 
Finally we get to the hospital and I told Jess (our friend who drove) that she didn't have to stay and she gave a quick hug and left very fast. I was at 4 cm and could finally stay, I was admitted at 3:30.
I didn't want to call my family and tell them yet due to me not wanting them waiting in the waiting room, the hospital has strict rules about there being no one aloud except your 2 people in your room after visiting hours (which ended at 8 pm) I just get weird having everyone waiting in the next room for me to push someone out for them.
So finally I texted at 7:30 and they were not happy that they couldn't come but what ever this was for me and Scott only.
When they asked me if I wanted the epidural first thing I asked was would it hurt? Yea I was worried that the pain meds would hurt more then the contractions XD but when I finally got it, it was a life savor, was finally able to get some rest.
Around 3 am they woke me up and said I needed to start pushing, now I wasn't getting married until November so my mother insisted that I didn't cut my hair so I could have it long for the wedding, so you could just guess how much I was cursing her name and telling Scott to "shave my goddamn head!" Because I hated the sweat that was coming off from it.
The epidural didn't seem to be helping I felt ALL the pain and the nurses kept telling me to press the button to give me more of it but I was too tired. And pissed because they kept asking if I wanted a mirror to see the baby coming out. No I don't want a fucking mirror! Scott can see enough for the both of us!
Which he did, while the nurses walked away to wash up he was right inbetween my legs helping me while I pushed again. The doctor was late. So they told me that her forehead was out and I needed to stop pushing, (like I had a choice -.-) and then when he finally showed up he helped from my little girl into the world.
Now the first thing I heard him say was not "its a girl" like all the movies you see say, but "holy shit, i think she's 10 pounds.." 
She was born 10 pounds 12 oz and 22 inches long! 
After seeing her finally after 9 months of gaining so much weight, I finally understood why, she was so big! I started crying holding on to my big girl, and since then she has always been on the top charts of everything with her growth. 
I didn't need any stitches or anything even though she was so big! Which I was so thankful for. And here she is 13 months 30 pounds and in 4T clothing :) my little June bug