Doctors office never calls anything in!!

So a few weeks ago, I was sick with a stomach bug for four days. For four entire days I was on the toilet with extreme diarreah every half hour, minimum. On top of that, I was vomiting. I asked the nurse triage line to PLEASE call something in for me. I could tell I was getting dehydrated and I couldn't keep anything down. They said there was nothing they could do. I ended up getting a zofran from a friend (approved by a family friend who is a doctor) and that was enough to take the edge off. I could eat and drink to settle my stomach and start to get better. Of course when I saw the doctor, she said to call next time and they'll call something in "no problem." I was annoyed because I called 3x and got no help. Anyway. From the 19473828483 stints on the toilet, i developed external hemorrhoids. In the past week, I've tried rotating tucks wipes, prep h wipes, and prep h cream. It hasn't gotten better and now it's literally bleeding to the point I have to wear a pantyliner. I called today to ask, again, for someone to call me in a prescription cream (which I know exists AND helps). They told me again that theres nothing they can do and to use tucks wipes and stool softener. I am getting so aggravated!! I have a dr appt next week and he's going to clearly see what's going on bc it's my Group B Strep test. I can't wait to tell him that I was blown off for the second time. I'm bleeding to the point im actually nervous if it getting on my clothes at work. 
I just want to get them under control BEFORE labor. I realize I'm going to get them again during labor. But i would rather shrink them now than have them get 10x worse during labor since I wasn't given a fair chance to treat them. Ughhhh.