My double story

Okay so I've mentioned that we are pretty sure our house is haunted and some people asked me to share my experiences. It was more active when we moved in. When we first moved in we'd wake up to every cabinet and every drawer open. My mom is a very.. She's very very Christian and strictly believed that if you are absent from the body you are either in heaven or hell. Well long story short she doesn't believe that anymore lol it's not SCARY like we aren't being tormented and it's usually quiet in my house. Accept for my freaking double and my moms double. I have followed my mom through my entire house saying "mom..MOM" and she didn't respond, my mother is half deaf and that's normal so I followed her through the house all the way into her bedroom and she turned and went into her bathroom and I stopped and waited for her to do what she needed to do.. But the light never came on.. I'm just sitting there like wtf.. She didn't even shut the door so I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light and she wasn't there. 
OKAY WHATEVER. Here's another one, im sitting on my couch and my brothers are outside playing. My mom pulls into the driveway and my brother comes in screaming at me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I'm like.. "Sitting on the couch you psycho" and he looks back out the door and comes back in and tells me "you were in the car next to mom and on the couch at the same time" 
I had one of my friends over. Keep in mind that she had no idea what had been happening in my house at all. I think it was the first time she ever came over. She was in my kitchen and I had my bedroom door open. You can see straight into my room from the kitchen when my door is open. I was sitting on my bed talking to my boyfriend on the phone And all the sudden I notice my friend is in the kitchen like looking outside the kitchen window and looking at me and back and forth and she screams and legit sits down and curls up into a ball and just starts like sobbing and I get up and I'm like "what's wrong??? Are you okay?" And she said "you were in your room and walking across the front yard at the same time and when I really looked at you through the window you looked straight at me and smiled and just kept walking" and then she had her mom come pick her up and didn't come back to my house for like an entire year. My moms experiences are a lot more scary, she said she woke up to a tall figure in her doorway and it was shaking profusely and tapping the door with its hand and then walked out, she has woken up to this more than once. My mom had our house checked for carbon monoxide poisoning and got an alarm that detects carbon monoxide because she thought we were like having hallucinations. Nope our house is fine. We just have creepy shit happening. I did some research on my moms house and in 1985 a mom and her 14 yr old daughter were raped and murdered by someone who completely got away with it. It's a cold case. so I think that could be the cause of all the crap in my house. My mother went from praying to burning sage to clean the negative energy out of the house